MIC 760 / CRN: 54809

Autoimmunity Journal Club

(Fall 2010/Spring 2011)


Course Directors:

Dr. Janusz Kabarowski (Microbiology) and Dr. Chander Raman (Medicine-Immunology/Rheumatology).



The purpose of this Journal Club is to provide a weekly forum for Students to present and discuss the latest research related to the cellular and molecular basis of autoimmunity and autoimmune disease. The topics of papers will include the roles of specific immunoregulatory cell-types and molecular mediators in immune tolerance and autoimmune disease. The latest basic science and clinical applications will be presented, including studies in animal models and their relevance to human autoimmune diseases. The Journal Club will meet weekly in Shelby room 318.


Please contact Drs. Kabarowski (janusz@uab.edu) or Raman (craman@uab.edu).